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As a resident of Texas, you have the advantage of deciding which of the Texas energy providers supplies the electricity you consume on a daily basis. Since 2002, Texans have been able to select a specific residential energy plan offered by a retail electric provider serving their part of the state. Whether price-protected or variable-rate, short-term or long, you get to pick your plan.

ElectricityHound.com helps you exercise that power to choose. We've simplified the process of searching for a residential energy plan in Texas to help you find the right electric supply plan for your budget and the needs of your home. We monitor the fluctuations in Texas electricity rates and updates in the overall energy market to keep you updated on the competitive residential electricity rates offered in your neck of the woods.

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What kind of Texas electricity rates can you expect to find?

Texas energy providers can all offer different types of energy plans and supply rates. There are generally three options for residential electricity supply that might be available in your region:

  • Price-protected supply plan – By opting to sign up for a residential energy plan that boasts price protection, you will pay a fixed price per kWh you consume for the duration of your contract period. This type of plan gives consumers peace of mind that their bill is dependent on their consumption during the month, not a changing supply rate.
  • Variable-rate supply plan – With this type of supply plan, the rate you pay per kWh of electricity consumed is liable to change from month to month. While customers who opt for a variable rate are typically not required to sign a long-term contract and therefore typically do not have to worry about cancellation fees, they are not protected from any fluctuations in the energy market that might cause electricity rates to rise. However, these consumers might benefit when market prices fall.
  • Green energy supply plan – For Texans interested in leaving behind a smaller carbon footprint, some retail electric providers offer green energy products. These plans utilize cleaner generation resources such as wind and solar power. When you sign up for a green energy supply plan, your retail electric provider purchases renewable energy credits on your behalf to push energy generated with these cleaner forms into the market and offset some of the more harmful methods, such as fossil fuel burning.

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Updated: 8-3-16.

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